Art Gallery

Gilford Longhouse (pending)
Eagle – Ann Spiers Photo Available
Miniature Drums. Kits available in Shop Section
Keeper of the Land. A joint effort with Elmer Gunderson and Shirley Babcock (Sold)
Watch a 40 second video
Eagle Moon – Sold
Todd Drum – Sold
Hawk Drum – Gifted
Orca Drum – Made by Bev Babcock with the Assistance of Norman Retasket, painted by Shirley Babcock – Gifted
Replica of Original Salmon Catch Drum – Gifted to Dr. Bonnie Henry
Watch approx 4 minute video taken at Two Rivers Gallery before drum was shipped
Raven Friends – Collaborated Effort with Carla Joseph. On Display at Coast Inn of The North, Prince George.
Watch a 33 secound video
Rare White Raven – Sold

Dolphin Drum – Sold

Moose Hunt
Moose Hunt 24″ X 20 ” Gallery Canvas Available
To View photo used for Inspiration from ES Wildlife Photography
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear 12″ by 16 ” Wood Canvas (Gifted)
Our home, Our waters.  Orca Travels
Orca Home 24″ by 18 ” Gallery Canvas (sides of canvas painted) Available $500.00
Thunderbird – 20″ by 24″ Gallery Canvas – Sold
Wolf – Available. !8″ W by 24″ H by 1.5″ D (Acrylic on Gallery Canvas) $475.00
Cute Bear Paws
Cub Paws – Sold. 18″ W by 24″ H by 1.5″ D (Acrylic on Gallery Canvas)
To View photo used for Inspiration from Janet Brown Photography
Healing Drum
Healing Drum – Sold
Raven & Paint by Number Kit
Raven Mask – Donated to Tourism Prince George. Available in Paint by Number Kit
Raven Drum
Raven Mask Drum (16″) – Available $450.00
Bear ascending through the footprints of the ancestors
Black Bear Paw Drum – sold
Salmon Jump Drum and Stick
Salmon Drum – Donated for Fundraiser
Sunset on the River located at Aboriginal Housing, Prince George, BC
Sunset on the River – Sold Smaller version – Available. 2′ by 4′ on display at Coast Inn of the North
Salmon Catch Drum, photo by Janet Brown Photography
Salmon Catch (24″) . (Sold)
To view photo used for Inspiration from Janet Brown Photography
Sunset- Available $500.00
Orca and Baby Drum
Orca & Baby Drum – Sold
Raven on Raven Guitar
Raven Guitar – Sold
Metallic Wolf howling at Moon
Metallic Wolf Howl – Available 20″ by 20″ by 1.5″ D $450.00
Butterfly – Sold
Wolf Catcher
Wolf Catcher – Gifted
Fire Fighter during Forest Fire Season
Fire Fighter – Sold
Eagle in flight hanging onto salmon
Eagle – Available 16″ by 20″ (Sold)
Joint effort, painted by sisters
Joint Effort – Sister Orcas – Sold
Butterfly Drum
Butterfly Drum – Private Collection
Eagle Coppers
Eagle Coppers (18″ X 18″ – Available $400.00
Salmon Box Class
Salmon Box Class – Sold
Orca Jump
Orca Jump (40″ X 30″) gallery canvas – Available $750.00
Moon Colours
Moon (wood canvas) – Sold
Bear stepping through the footprints of the ancestors
Bear Paw Drum – Sold
Bear Necessities dancing in the Forest
Bear Necessities (24″ X 30″) – Available $650.00
Buffalo, Standing Rock Drum
Buffalo, Standing Rock Drum – Sold
Eagle ascending
Eagle ascending right, painted on Wood – Sold
Eagle Ascending
Eagle ascending left, painted on Wood – approx. 32″ by 26″ – (Sold)
Bear Escape
Bear Escape, painted on Wood – Sold
Whale Pod
Whale Pod (20″ X 16″) $475.00
Salmon Run
Salmon Run Paddle – Sold
Eagle Drum
Eagle Drum Sold
Wolf Pack
Wolf Pack – Sold
Sea Otter
Sea Otter 2 canvases – Sold
Perched Eagles
Eagles – Private Collection
Blue Heron
Heron – sold
Blue Heron
Heron – Sold
Salmon Twins
Salmon Drum – Sold
Frog (24″ X 18″) available $425.00
Bear Country
Bear Country (24″ X 16″) – Available $400.00
Wolf Dancer Drum
Wolf Dancer Drum
Hummingbird Drum – Sold
Owl – Sold
Loon – Sold
Sun Drum
Sun Drum – Sold
Eagle Drum
Eagle Drum – Private Collection
Duck Family
Duck Family (30″ X 24″) – Available $450.00
Elk Drum
Small Elk Drum – Sold
Spirit Bear
Spirit Bear – Sold
Spirit Cub
Spirit Cub – Sold
Raven Drum
Raven Drum – resides in Rideau Hall in Ottawa after presenting to Governor General of Canada – Sold
Bear and Raven
Bear & Raven Drum – Sold
Turtle – Private Collection
Pipeline Considerations
Pipeline Considerations – Gifted
Thunderbird Drum
Thunderbird Drum – Available
Hummingbird – Sold
Hamatsa Drum
Hamatsa Drum – Sold
Octopus (36″ X 24″) – Available $550.00
Ascending Eagle
Eagle Landing (24″ X 18″) – Available $525.00
Moose – Sold
Sun (16″ X 20″) – Available $400.00 (If sold with Moon – $750 for the set)
Moon (16″ X 20″) – Available $400.00 (If sold with Sun – $750 for the set)
PIne Beetle
Pine Beetle – Sold
Wolf (16″ X 20″) available $400.00
Salmon (16″ X 20″) – Available $400.00
Bear Walk
Bears – Sold
International Eagle
International Eagle – Sold
Standing Bear
Standing Bear – Missing in Action, must be Sold
Frog – Exchanged
Deer (24″ X 30″) – Available $600.00
Cougar (24″ X 18″) – Available $500.00
Eagle and Sun
Eagle & Sun – Sold
Grizzly – Sold
Orca pregnancy
Orcas – Gifted
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