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Canada Winter Games, Prince George, BC (2015)
Presenting Raven Drum to Governor General of Canada

Prince George Fibre Fest (2017)

Prince George Fibrefest
Babcock has almost by accident become the star attraction of the first ever Prince George Fibre Fest. She is already one of the region’s most applauded visual artists with a long and distinguished commercial art career. Thanks to her friendship with event co-founder Bonne Leiphart, she is now the toast of the fibre arts community,



Okanagan Arts Magazine (1st Edition)
Location: Distributed thoughout the Okanagan
Dates: Spring 2007

13th Annual Lake Country Art Walk (2006)

Two Rivers Art Gallery Hosting Fences Show (2018)

She said Babcock related a story to her about the creative process on this exhibition. Babcock was looking out the window of her home when an eagle landed on the backyard fence. It suddenly occurred to the artist that fences can separate things, fences can protect things, but fences aren’t binary things – in or out, welcome or unwelcome – they are also irrelevant things to some forces in our lives. The eagle showed her that sometimes fences are just a good vantage point or place to rest a moment, for some in this world of borders both tangible and intangible.
Frank Peebles, Prince George Citizen

Aboriginal art show coming (2018)

The Community Arts Council is helping in the establishment of an all-Indigenous arts association. The formative members are, from left, Shirley Babcock, Diane Levesque-Majewski, Carla Joseph and Ivan Paquette. 

Prince George Airport YXS Mural. Booked over 800 hours almost everyday for months in binder and learned how to use an airbrush. (2015)



Indigenous Artists Collective Launched

Ivan Paquette, right, liaison between the new group and Community Arts Council, introduces the steering committee for the Northern Indigenous ArtistsÂ’ Collective on Wednesday: left to right, Darrin Corbiere, Shirley Babcock, Carla Joseph, Dianne Levesque, Len Paquette and Jennifer Pighin.

Babcock expands her scope of artistry


The Adams River Salmon Society Artisan Market Vendor Booth (2018)

Artnership (Studio 2880 & Tourism Prince George)

Group Exhibition, Two Rivers Art Gallery

First: An Exhibition of First Nations Art in BC. Featuring artists such as: Carla Aubichon Joseph, Shirley Babcock, Catherine Manahan, Liz Carter, Robert Davidson, Nigel Fox, Keith Kerrigan, Shana Labatch, lessLIE

Northern Leadership Gather for Northern Regional Health Assembly (2019)

Shirley Babcock


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